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If I may be so bold, not only this is one of the finest pieces of Star Trek I have ever seen, but this is the movie that Star Trek: Nemesis should have been with its balance of action, humour, character, story, mystery and suspense wrapped up in neat package that stays true to the core of Star Trek without using previous Star Treks as a crutch (the less Trekish thing Simon Pegg said before).

Virtually non-stop action that flows with the plot and character, Star Trek Beyond revolves around Kirk trying to find his place in his world, his starship, while he and his crew of "SPOILER" the late starship Enterprise are pitted against an unknown enemy named Krall and his hatred of the Federation that when the mystery is uncovered, it really dives into who Krall is, and one you can either take pity on, or simple contempt.  It shows the relations between many of the characters that include grief and humour, momentary laughs to full scale loyalty that builds upon Trek itself.

There are numerous Trek references within the movie from "SPOILER" lines and descriptions from the original series that aid in the movie without overshadowing the plot, or having issues shoved into your face.  Discrete enough to not infringe upon the movie, but recognizable that any hardcore Trekkie, like myself, can instantly recognize.  With the death of Leonard Nimoy back in 2015, they did an excellent job on dealing with his absence that also added to the character of Zachary Quinto's Spock.

Though I am not a Fast And The Furious fan, in fact I was NOT impressed with Tokyo Drift, Justin Lin did an excellent job putting this Star Trek together that kept the core true for the fans while allowing a new fanbase to comeforth to embrace both the old and the new.  I've had confidence in Simon Pegg's writing with movies like Paul, Shaun of the Dead, At World's End and other buddy comedies, while looking up Doug Jung's resume and I found it to be quite impressive.  And these 2 verified this confidence in the 13th Star Trek installment for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.

My wife, the same one who is naked on a previous post, says, "I'm not a big Trek fan, and I always judge a movie based on the story, not the series.  Trust me, this is one damn good story.  You don't just want to watch the movie, you want to be there with the crew, because it feels like you are.  It's that damn good."

Starbase Yorktown is one unique space station that really thinks in three dimensions as you realize there is no real up or down on the station.  In fact it looks more fantastic than some of the effects of a twisted city on the movie Inception, where you are right side up on one part of the station, upside down on another part, and so forth.  Where "SPOILER" your on the surface see an incredible city with parks, fountains and so forth, yet below you see the Enterprise and "Spoiler" the Franklin underneath that very cityscape.

This installment of Star Trek one of the finest pieces of Star Trek made EVER only overshadowed by Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan itself.

Altogether, I give Star Trek Beyond ---- 10/10.

Star Trek Beyond image by NewDivide1701


Robert Heckadon


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I also loved ST: Beyond a lot.
For me all of characters were so naturally located in scenes, in scenario - I didn't have such a pleasure for a long time :).
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Im glad you like it :)
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